Special Features

Showcase of excellent Japan — India collaborative projects in Oceanography
Past completed collaborative Japan — India (NIO) projects information

Around 25 Japanese Universities will display their research work and available research opportunity.
25 Japanese Universities will showcase their research work, research opportunities, and university brochures.

Program “Igniting Minds of school children” will be conducted for the selected students of the schools.
JSPS officials and Japanese Professors will face around 100-200 selected students from schools of Panjim and around and will interact with them.

Networking Café: One-to-one pre-arranged meetings to discuss new projects and collaborations.
One-to-one pre-arranged meeting between Japanese and Indian researchers will take place in Network Café. The discussion will be mostly on Ph.D. Admissions, fellowships, collaborative projects, and life in Japan (in general).

Open House with Japanese funding agencies and embassies.
JSPS and Embassy officials will address questions from the audience and will provide useful information.