The 8th India—Japan Science and Technology Conference will focus on Environmental Science, Techno-world, Life and Social Science to maximize future scientific and business collaboration in this field. The event will bring together researchers, policy makers and students to discuss the latest policy, research and innovation developments in the field of science and technology and offers extended networking opportunities in the following four themes:

Environmental Science – To examine and explore solutions to problems related to land, Atmosphere, and Oceans. To explore their mutual interactions. To explore how the anthropological activities modulate the environment and get modulated by them.

Techno—world — To design and develop engineering solutions to improve the life of mankind involving all the faculties of engineering and technology. The main emphasis will be on the recent advances in Securing nanotechnology, robotics, space technology and artificial intelligence.

Life Science — Securing sustainable biomass supply for bio based market and services through the get way of health services, pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology.

Social fabric — Giving back to our communities is of paramount importance. The key focus is to orient our strengths to the socio-economic developmental needs of the different communities. An improvement in education, health, entrepreneurship & job creation, and the environment is necessary for the upliftment of the society.

Others — All other subjects supported by JSPS & DST.